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Restoration Services for Fire & Water Damage - Structure Tents

Custom-Engineered Structure Tents for Comprehensive Home Restoration

American Structure Tent offers top-of-the-line structure tents for home construction and restoration projects, ensuring your property stays protected during essential roof removal and repairs. Our robust and weatherproof tents are perfect for shielding homes during fire and water restoration. 

We also provide custom-engineered structures tailored to your project’s specific needs, making use of available inventory materials to maximize efficiency and reduce costs. Rely on our experienced team for dependable and professional service. 

Contact American Structure Tent today to discover how our advanced tent solutions can protect your home throughout construction and restoration phases.

Crane-Lifted Structure Tents for Home Construction & Restoration | American Structure Tent

At American Structure Tent, we specialize in providing crane-lifted structure tents for home construction and restoration projects. Our durable and weather-resistant tents are designed to protect your property during critical phases such as roof removal and repairs. Ideal for fire and water restoration, our tents ensure that your home remains secure and shielded from the elements. Trust our expert team to deliver reliable and professional solutions tailored to your specific needs. Contact American Structure Tent today to learn more about how our innovative tent structures can safeguard your home during construction and restoration.


Popular Sizes

20ft Structure Tent
20x Structure Tent
Snow Load: 37 lbs/sqft
Wind Load: 107 mph
40 Foot Width Structure Tent Rental
40x Structure Tent
Snow Load: 25 lbs/sqft
Wind Load: 93 mph
60 Foot Width Structure Tent Rental
60x Structure Tent
Snow Load: 26 lbs/sqft
Wind Load: 81 mph
80 Foot Width Structure Tent Rental
80x Structure Tent
Snow Load: 20 lbs/sqft
Wind Load: 99 mph
100 Foot Width Structure Tent Rental
100x Structure Tent
Snow Load: 15 lbs/sqft
Wind Load: 87 mph
Serving Michigan, Massachusetts, Illinois, Ohio, New York & more!

We're a leading structure tent rental company in the USA.