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Base Camp Tents & Living Facilities Tents

Military Base Camp Structures

When traveling throughout the country for training exercises, disaster relief efforts, or to protect areas of our country, our military troops need quality temporary tent structures to accomplish their goal. American Structure Tents’ clearspan disaster relief and military tents provide a secure and durable temporary lodging option.

In addition, our clearspan military tents may also provide a great solution for temporary storage of equipment, machinery, and other critical materials that our military may require for a specific situation. Furthermore, these military tent structures can be used as a temporary or semi-permanent wheeled vehicle repair and maintenance facility or other similar use.

No matter what branch of the military, American Structure Tents can provide the best solution to help them accomplish their goals by providing high-quality and expertly installed military tent structures.

Common uses of our clearspan tents:

  • Military Disaster Relief Command Centers
  • Temporary Living Shelters
  • Temporary Medical Facilities
  • Safe & Secure Storage Structures
  • Safe & Secure Food Storage
  • Safe Equipment & Material Storage
  • Patient Screening Facilities
  • Drive Through Medical & Vaccination Clinics
  • Sterile Medical Environments

Popular Sizes

20x Structure Tent

Snow Load: 37 lbs/sqft
Wind Load: 107 mph

40x Structure Tent

Snow Load: 25 lbs/sqft
Wind Load: 93 mph

60x Structure Tent

Snow Load: 26 lbs/sqft
Wind Load: 81 mph

80x Structure Tent

Snow Load: 20 lbs/sqft
Wind Load: 99 mph

100x Structure Tent

Snow Load: 15 lbs/sqft
Wind Load: 87 mph

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