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Aviation Structure Facilites
The perfect choice for semi-permenant hangars, storage or maintenance facilities.

Elevate Your Aviation Operations with Airplane Hangar Structure Tent Rentals

In the world of aviation, precision, safety, and adaptability are paramount. American Structure Tent offers a game-changing solution for aviation professionals with our Airplane Hangar Structure Tent Rental services. Whether you require long-term shelter for aircraft, turn-key solutions, or specialized aviation repair hangars, we provide tailored solutions to meet your unique needs.

Your Trusted Partner for Airplane Hangar Structure Tent Rentals

Long-Term Rentals:

Unlike conventional hangar options, our Airplane Hangar Structure Tents offer the flexibility of long-term rentals. These tents are designed to withstand the test of time, providing a secure and reliable shelter for your aircraft, whether you need it for months or even years. With our long-term rental options, you can focus on your aviation operations with confidence.

Turn-Key Solutions:

At American Structure Tent, we understand that aviation operations demand efficiency. That’s why we offer turn-key solutions to meet your specific requirements. Our tents can be customized with features such as lighting, HVAC systems, flooring, and security measures. We provide everything you need to create a functional and safe environment for your aircraft and maintenance crews.

Aviation Repair Hangars:

When it comes to aircraft maintenance and repair, time is of the essence. Our aviation repair hangars provide the ideal space for servicing and repairing aircraft. With controlled conditions and ample space, you can ensure that your maintenance teams can work efficiently and safely, regardless of the weather outside.

Aviation Structures

Temporary Hangars, Airport Maintenance facilities, Semi-Permenant Fabric Buildings

AST semi-permenant fabric structures are the ideal choice for airport facilities requiring, additional hangar space, or a temperature controlled storage facility. 

Temporary Maintenance & Semi-Permenant Facilities

Semi-permanent movable structures are the ideal choice for airports. These structures can be rapidly deployed, and to be expanded with a minimal footprint. Our structures are modular and can be customized and fitted to fit your industry needs.

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Construction Structures - Contractor Support

American Structure Tent has a variety of services that provide solutions to many of the challenges that contractors face.  We have a large inventory of commercial structure that can solve your construction problems.  Many contractors that are working with insulation, concrete, masonry, epoxy and other construction materials that need a certain temperature to cure require a custom sized space that is heated to complete their task within the deadline. 

– Concrete 

– Masonry

– Epoxy

– Storage

– Water & Rain Protection

– Pool Construction

– Plumbing Installations


American Structure Tents is a trusted source for temporary or semi-permanent maintenance and construction tents in the USA. We understand the importance of maintaining a safe and sheltered work environment in the construction industry. With that said, for companies that work in inclement weather, and work with weather sensitive materials such as concrete, plumbing and electrical, we can provide a construction tent structure to protect your materials and crew. Weather can be unpredictable, and construction deadlines can sometimes be hard to keep if the weather does not hold out, but we can help!

Our maintenance and construction tents come in various sizes, and we have the capability to provide a customized structure to fit your specific need. Our tent structures can serve as crew lunch and break areas, or other common uses such as equipment storage tents and supply storage tents. In addition, American Structure Tents can provide climate-controlled structures for the cold winter days, and our industrial tent structures are fully scalable, customizable, and are created with the highest quality materials available.

Construction Structures - Contractor Support

Contact Us to Soar to New Heights

When it comes to long-term Airplane Hangar Structure Tent Rentals, turn-key solutions, and aviation repair hangars, American Structure Tent is your partner of choice. Contact us today at [email protected] to discuss your aviation needs and how our tailored solutions can elevate your operations to new heights.

Don’t let weather and workspace limitations hold you back. Choose American Structure Tent for unparalleled reliability and expertise in aviation tent solutions.