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Engineered Clearspan Fabric Structures

Clearspan Structure Tent Rentals

A popular choice that fits a multitude of applications is our engineered clear span fabric structure tents. These tents offer the flexibility and durability for any application such as, large weddings, corporate events, municipal events, medical and vaccination stations, and countless others. Some of the most popular events in major cities have utilized our clear span tents, and no matter what the purpose, we can provide you with the perfect clear span tent.

There are several different size options with clear span tents, and there are many accessories available such as the following:

  • Flooring
  • Glass & PVC Walls
  • Doors & Garage Doors
  • Extra Tall Ceiling Structures
  • Heating & Cooling (HVAC)
  • Electrical Distribution

The best thing about clearspan tents is the flexibility of use on almost all types of surfaces. These engineered clearspan tents can be used on level or unlevel ground, grassy areas, parking lots, dirt lots, and more. No matter the location of the venue, American Structure Tents can provide the best solution for your intended purpose.

  • Corporate and other Event Venues
  • Temporary Warehouse
  • Retail Sales Tents
  • Temporary Office Space
  • Additional Storage Space 
  • Equipment Storage 
  • Long-Term Tent Rental
  • Vaccination Drive-Thru 
  • Construction Tents
  • Snow Load Tent Rental
  • and many more!

Popular Sizes

20ft Structure Tent
20x Structure Tent
Snow Load: 37 lbs/sqft
Wind Load: 107 mph
40 Foot Width Structure Tent Rental
40x Structure Tent
Snow Load: 25 lbs/sqft
Wind Load: 93 mph
60 Foot Width Structure Tent Rental
60x Structure Tent
Snow Load: 26 lbs/sqft
Wind Load: 81 mph
80 Foot Width Structure Tent Rental
80x Structure Tent
Snow Load: 20 lbs/sqft
Wind Load: 99 mph
100 Foot Width Structure Tent Rental
100x Structure Tent
Snow Load: 15 lbs/sqft
Wind Load: 87 mph
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