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Construction Tents
Shield your project from the elements.
Don't let the weather delay your construction. Get a quote on one of our rapid-deploy temporary structures.
Wind & snow load rated so you don't have to worry about the weather.

Construction Structure Tent Rental

Our commercial fabric structures have endless applications. They have durable steel and aluminum members that allow them to withstand snow and wind. These structures are engineered for winter conditions often requiring minimal heat and observation. The cross members of these structure tents are able to be increased for winter conditions. American Structure Tent is experienced in winter construction structures and is adept at providing it’s clients with turn-key solutions at an affordable price. 

Rapid-Deploy Semi-Permenant Fabric Structures for Industrial purposes

American Structure Tent provides semi-permanent fabric structures that are able to be deployed on many different surfaces, to quickly and professionally fit the need of your construction project.

 We are can rapidly design, create and deploy a structure that would provide a specific solution to your construction needs. American Structure Tents have winter sidewalls to combat the winter heat loss that is typical with winter tent rental. 

Commercial grade tent solutions for construction require a number of factors to create a successful rental. Number one on that list is safety – is the structure your renting engineered for the wind and snow requirements that it will be exposed to during the rental period. The second success factor is timing – are you provided a turn-key solution with a reliable crew and dedicated project managers to ensure that you rental is worth your hard earned money. 


Rapid-Deploy Semi-Permenant Structures

Semi-permanent movable structures are a perfect solution for the construction industry. 

Expand operations, on-site temperature controlled storage, emplyee centers, and more.  Our structures can be branded and customized to fit the look and need of your operation.

Heavy Snow Load & Wind Resistant Frame

Our structures have a strong aluminum frame with fire-retardant PVC Serge Ferrari vinyl. These durable structures are available up to 140 feet in width and are resistant to 140km/h (87 mph) winds. 

Our tents are certified by engineers to withstand snow loads of up to 80 lbs/sqft.
Modular in heights, width and length, we have the ability to fit your industry needs and requirements.

Or give us a call at 1-800-USA-TENT (1-800-872-8368)