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Construction & Maintenance Tents

Construction, Maintenance & Equipment Storage Tents

American Structure Tents is a trusted source for temporary or semi-permanent maintenance and construction tents in the USA. We understand the importance of maintaining a safe and sheltered work environment in the construction industry. With that said, for companies that work in inclement weather, and work with weather sensitive materials such as concrete, plumbing and electrical, we can provide a construction tent structure to protect your materials and crew. Weather can be unpredictable, and construction deadlines can sometimes be hard to keep if the weather does not hold out, but we can help!

Our maintenance and construction tents come in various sizes, and we have the capability to provide a customized structure to fit your specific need. Our tent structures can serve as crew lunch and break areas, or other common uses such as equipment storage tents and supply storage tents. In addition, American Structure Tents can provide climate-controlled structures for the cold winter days, and our industrial tent structures are fully scalable, customizable, and are created with the highest quality materials available.

Popular Sizes

20ft Structure Tent
20x Structure Tent
Snow Load: 37 lbs/sqft
Wind Load: 107 mph
40 Foot Width Structure Tent Rental
40x Structure Tent
Snow Load: 25 lbs/sqft
Wind Load: 93 mph
60 Foot Width Structure Tent Rental
60x Structure Tent
Snow Load: 26 lbs/sqft
Wind Load: 81 mph
80 Foot Width Structure Tent Rental
80x Structure Tent
Snow Load: 20 lbs/sqft
Wind Load: 99 mph
100 Foot Width Structure Tent Rental
100x Structure Tent
Snow Load: 15 lbs/sqft
Wind Load: 87 mph