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Industries That Utilize AST
Temporary Fabric Structures

American Structure Tent (AST) is one of the leading temporary structure companies in the northeast USA.
AST provides a diverse range of products spanning across many industries.
Industrial tents and temporary fabric structures can be a cost-effective solution to bolster your industry. 
Select a category below to learn more about our temporary structures and other innovative products.

American Structure tent provides several solutions for temporary aircraft hangar structures. 
AST designs & installs premium-quality temporary all-weather tension fabric structures. 
Our team works with you to design and engineer a quality product tailored specifically to your application.

Expedite your construction project, and avoid weather delays, create a temperature-controlled environment for your application, or simply provide additional space for storage or operations on-site. 
Our structures are extremely versatile and can be tailored to your specific industry requirements. 

AST structures can be rapidly deployed to provide relief to areas that are undergoing an emergency.
Provide a base camp for operations, a potential disaster shelter, drive-through structures for vaccinations & testing, or a medical space.

Our custom-designed and engineered turnkey temporary structures are a perfect application for a rapidly growing business or for cost-effective inventory expansion. AST offers long-term, cost-effective rental options as well as purchasing, installation, and service.

Expand your seating space and multiply your potential for profit. 
Provide an exquisite option for outdoor seating; our semi-permenant structures are extremely stable and can be branded and tailored to your needs.

Don’t let an emergency situation stop your business from operating. 
AST can provide a temporary or long-term option for you to be able to resume your day-to-day business operations. Our structures can be both rapidly deployed and removed and have a minimal space requirement. 

Expand your seating space and multiply your potential for profit. 
Provide an exquisite option for outdoor seating, our semi-permenant structures are extremely stable, and can be branded & tailored to your needs.